Family Costume Ideas

Pirate Family Costumes

Pirate Family Costumes

Ahoy, mateys, and welcome aboard the ship that sailed the mighty seas! Eye patches, plastic swords, black-and-white stripe shirts and tons of treasure make this family halloween outfit a cannon blast! Thinking outside the box? You can even throw a full-body parrot costume into the mix. Become Captain Jack Sparrow and his sea-loving crew or Captain Hook and his loyal sidekick. Any way you follow the treasure map, a pirate-themed family Halloween costume is sure to be a sailin’ good time.

Family Marvel Costumes

Marvel Family Costumes

Why should the Justice League have all the fun? If you’re a Marvel family instead, you can create your own squad of supers this Halloween. Sling webs as Spiderman, throw shields as Captain America or Hulk out to fight crime as a family, or split off into villains and heroes with Crossbones and Dr. Doom in the mix. Any way you choose to be extraordinary, you’re sure to have some unique family Halloween costumes

Family Justice League Costumes

Justice League Family Costumes

Fight crime as a family this Halloween as your favorite super-hero squad. Jump, kick and punch your way from door-to-door in the perfect family costume for 5 or more. With so many characters to emulate — from Batman and Wonder Woman to Superman and Green Lantern — everyone can be their favorite hero in a Flash. Bring the neighbors or your friends in on the fun to complete the whole Justice League. The Halloween goblins and ghouls don’t stand a chance!

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